The End of An Era

For those familiar with the Waterloo Region, you will have heard by now that the Seagram Barrel Pyramid is being taken down. Sadly, many of the barrels are in disrepair and the new Balsillie School of International Studies is building a walkway to CIGI directly in the path of where the pyramid currently sits. I just wanted to capture a few more images of the barrels before this landmark no longer exists. There is so much symmetry here to try and capture, not the least of which are the shutter shadows being cast at the same angle as the pyramid. The last image is of a skittish little Starling that seemed to think I was trespassing on his territory. I was drawn to his rough and tough, yet somewhat ornate appearance....these birds are a known to be hoodlums or vagabonds and I think this fellow really looks the part! :-)

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